Landscape-Abstract Diptych

The concept came for this diptych, Untitled, when I realized that I’ve unintentionally been expressing various interpretations of what “home” means to me and its relationship to comfort and security. In Unit 1, my work expressed the tension I feel living in a housing complex that feels repressive; Unit 2 saw a claiming of self-embodiment through physical movement. Unit 3 was an opportunity to explore feelings and memories associated with “home” in a more abstract way.

Chalk pastel and gesso on Stonehenge paper, diptych, each drawing 36″ x 48″


The right panel depicts a landscape. The source image is one that I took while living in Alberta, my home province, on a drive through Kananaskis many years ago. Mountains and prairie evoke comfort, as do big blue skies and the warmth of a bright sun. The close-up grasses thrust the viewer into the scene.

The abstracted left panel is conceived of colours and colour relationships found in the landscape that I felt inspired by. I repeated the shapes that I had formed in the landscape. As I worked, I started seeing the relationships between each block of colour interact differently, which was an intriguing by-product that started to feel a bit like I shared an inside joke with the colours and layers.

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