Nude Study: Movement

Movement, a figurative study drawn in charcoal and white chalk on paper, explores the relationship between the experience of the mover and that of the observer. By placing myself in both roles, as model and artist, I learn about the anatomical body, its mechanical processes experienced through physical expression, and the development of form through light and shadow.

Charcoal and gesso on Stonehenge paper, 36″ x 48″


I chose self-portraiture because, in my figure drawing, I find myself wishing to be the model—to experience the sensations involved within a pose—to understand better the anatomy of a body and its relationship to its function. I filmed myself dancing, always conscious of my movements, in the nude. I was intrigued by the nuances in muscular and energetic tension as the body moves together and apart, capturing its weight transfer and body turn. This delicate, momentary pause was a place for me to rest before the more dramatic movement began.

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