Plane Study: Cubes

Using wood as reference material, I question what clay is capable of when utilized to build non-organic forms.

Outer frame: unfinished 2×1 wood, metal braces, metal fasteners, 6’ x 6’ x 7’; Inner forms: clay, thread, ranging from 5in.² to 1.5ft.²


Given that both clay and wood are natural resources, I am curious about their similar or dissimilar qualities. Is it possible to achieve similar structures out of clay as possible using wood? At what scale do the clay frames’ joints and beams lose structural integrity in the building, then firing processes?

The suspended, coil-built frames are repeated at varying scales ranging from 5in.² to 1.5ft.² and are constructed using a textured, weighted clay body. Because I pushed the clay body to maintain a structure that creates weaknesses, the final scale was dependent on how the clay body responded. The unfinished, external wooden support measures 6’ x 6’ x 7’, and mirrors the clay’s tactile texture and tonal value.

High contrast lighting emphasizes the scalar and weight differences possible with each wood and ceramic medium and distorts the exposed architectural framework that is often concealed.

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