Grey/yellow ceramic woven wall plank


A waterfall of fibers flow down the outlets of a glazed ceramic slab. Optimally a wall hanging, touch should be welcomed to fully experience everything this piece has to offer. The smooth & glazed, but semi-porous slab is accented with dimples and creases, speckled with the larger grains of the sourced clay hugging the fine wool in a playful tactile experience. The wool is smooth and soft, yet contrasted with a dulled roughness that wool is known for – not too rough, but not so soft that a working man’s hands would catch on stray fibres attempting to escape the thread.

The hand-built ceramic frame was a first of its kind; this piece encapsulates the artist’s inventive spirit and exists as a one-of-a-kind experimental artwork.

Order details

Building techniques

Slab, hand-formed, Woven

Fibres used


Kiln firing

Gas, high-fired


7-8 hours

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