Relational Movement: Body and Object

Personal physical limitations arising throughout the past few years have motivated me to notice and attend to my body’s needs within my artistic practice. My goal for Relational Movement: Body and Object was to create a spatially defining structure to frame my explorative movements. A smaller wooden frame supports my learning of what gestures feel positive for my body to articulate and what gestures I am capable of. The muted colour palette and high contrast lighting decreased stimulus enabling me to focus on my non-visual senses.

Frames: unfinished 2×1 wood, metal braces, metal fasteners, 6’ x 6’ x 7’ and 2’ x 3’ x 3’

Audio: original song, ‘Growing Pains,’ by Kim Holmes


I asked body-based questions and allowed the answers to come through slow motions and trial-and-error. How does my body respond when I share the space with another object? What instincts arise? Can I fit inside this wooden frame? What can my arms, legs, head, and torso do within and around this frame? How does each movement feel: do I want to do it again, or not?

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